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My heavy interest in Autism and pretty much anything that pertains to it pretty much began against my will. Back in 2009, a group of people, who shall always remain confidential, came out and told me that they thought that I had Asperger's syndrome. To say that this experience was a challenge was an understatement. It rocked me to the very core and challenged the very self concept I had of myself.  It also came as a shock because up until that time I had never perceived myself in such a manner as that.  It was not very fun to say the very least.

You may ask yourself what it is like to go through that experience.  I specifically remember at one time feeling like all the decisions that I had made in my life were not due to the decisions that I had made but were made by some entity that was completely outside my control with this entity being the entity of Asperger's Syndrome/Autism Spectrum Disorder.  In other words, I felt as if decisions were being made for me.  In my view, it was the perfect hell. 

In all honesty it took me about a year and a half to heal from that experience. Since that time, I never really did quit thinking about it. Very quietly and very privately I studied it a lot. I studied what had happened to me and to others.  I sought out personal assistance. I read scientific papers on it. I eventually bought Eugen Bleuler’s book.  Eventually, I formed my own thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the matter. I also began to notice weaknesses in the arguments from the very people who promoted the very idea of Autism.  One specific idea which helped me to feel better about myself is a concept I call the Law of Original Intent.

I also noticed how it changed meanings through the course of time.  Bonnie Evans also noticed this and wrote a very excellent book on the matter.  I was thankful for her work for the simple fact that I could just reference her work without having to elaborate on it myself.

One of my strong motivations for writing both my paper and this website is I simply didn't want others to go through that experience when after all that studying I found it simply wasn't necessary for people to live that way.

Do I think I have that condition now? Absolutely not! After all, in my humble opinion, everyone exhibits egocentricity at some point in their life, including adults in their prime.  The word “egocentricity” has a very strong reference to the paper I wrote.

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