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Consulting Services

If you are interested in consultation services that I will provide in the future, please contact me using the contact link in the navigation bar.  As of right now, I am just trying to determine the demand for these services.  For you, this means that it is in your best interests to contact me and let me know of your interest for these services.

Keep in mind that I am here to help specifically on the subject of Autism.  I will not be able to help you out for any other problem.  Please visit a licensed Psychologist for those purposes.  By the way, the two degrees I have earned is a BS in Clinical Laboratory Science (this helps you to work in a laboratory in a hospital) and a Master's of Business Administration.  Despite this background, I feel I have studied extensively the subject of Autism.  This should be fairly evident as I have written a paper on the subject. 

Please look here on this webpage to determine what dates that I am available to do this.  Please note that I will not be able to do any dates that are not posted here.  Again, right now no dates are posted since I am in the early stages of determining demand.

Payment will be required first in order to have consulting services.  The appointment will not be approved unless payment has been recieved.  Please pay in USD at this link here via Pay Pal.  The cost is xxxx.

Then schedule an appointment on the calendar found at this link.  You may have to form an account with this scheduling application in order to schedule an appointment.

The dates I am available for consulting are the following:

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