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These are all great resources that should all be considered in your study of Autism. 

1.  The first resource to be provided to you is the paper written by yours truly.  It is hoped and desired that this paper helps to inform others on the history of autism, to show that autism has evolved through time, and to propose the idea that the cause of autism is due to literary creativity.  I hope that the quotes from the past help those diagnosed with autism to actually feel normal especially since autistic thinking should be applied to all individuals and that it is normal for all individuals to go both in and out of autistic thinking.  This becomes more clear with the next reference.

2.  The address given by Professor Eugen Bleuler at the opening exercises of the Henry Phipps Psychatric Clinic at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland on April 16-18, 1913.  If you click here, a 1183 page pdf document should open up for you.  Make sure that you have the pdf app downloaded on your mobile device if that is what you are using.  The speech is found on page 932 of the pdf document.  However, if you actually had the physical book with you it would be found on page 873.  You should now be on a speech entitled "Autistic Thinking" by Eugen Bleuler.

For those of you concerned about copyright issues:  Anything published before 1926 is part of the public domain.  This is the reason why I feel comfortable providing this document for you without infringing upon copyright.

What I have actually find to be amazing about this document is that it seems none of the professional published papers seem to reference this source.  I actually find that it gives greater insight into the subject of Autism.  Personally, I hope that it helps a little bit to change the trajectory of thinking of others about the subject of Autism.

3.  Another great resource for you to consider is found at the link here.  This link should open up to an Amazon link for the book called "The Metamorphosis of Autism:  A History of Child Development in England (Social Histories of Medicine)" by Bonnie Evans.  When I got done reading this book my first reaction regarding the history of Autism was that it was so messed up.  I found Bonnie Evans' book to be an absolutely fabulous resource on what has happened in the history of Autism.

4.  The paper written by Leo Kanner in 1943 can be found at this link here.  I actually obtained this paper from the wikipedia page for Leo Kanner.  As of January 11, 2018 it was reference number 1.  I found that the very last paragraph of this paper to be very interesting.  Pay attention to the third word of the second sentence of that paragraph.  It would be wise to ask yourself what the greater implications are of this word as it pertains to childhood Autism.

5.  Click here to download the book called "Dementia Praecox or the Group of Schizophrenias."  Please keep in mind that this is the version that was written in German.  I figured that this was important to provide in order to give transparency for the documents that are out there.

6. A great article on the history of Asperger's Syndrome is found at this link. This document suggests it would be wise to integrate Asperger's Syndrome into the Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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