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Video Links

1.  The following video is for those currently diagnosed with Autism:

2.  This video has a solid reason why vaccines are not the cause of Autism:

3. This video is another solid reason why vaccines are not the cause of Autism:

 4. This video  tells of an interesting quest for discovery by John Franklin at around 1850.  He was trying to find a path through the Northwest Passage.  His voyage turned fatal because he made the assumption that he would return by boat.  This is a good historical example showing that assumption are sometimes indeed wrong and carry with it a lack of verified facts.  The follow up video is just as interesting.  The truth is these videos don't even mention the word "autism" or talk of autism at all.  However, these videos are related to autism through the word "assumption."  Remember, it was mentioned in Leo Kanner's famous 1943 paper in the very last paragraph that it was just an assumption autism was due to some innate reason.  This was talked about more extensively in the paper I wrote called "Literary Creativity."

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