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Why The Name

I understand that it may come off as being arrogant to others that I have chosen the name “Defeat Autism for Good” for the website.  They may ask “why are you able to claim to be able to do that when it seems as if no one has really been able to do so in the past?”

To begin with the name of the website was chosen because it is mostly directed to those that are and were diagnosed with Autism.  I hope that it is also of assistance to those around those diagnosed with Autism (such as their families).  Remember, it is no fun to live with it especially if you wish and desire to live and have a normal life. 

It is actually a proof of their normalcy if those that are diagnosed with it don’t like it.  Why?  This is best answered by asking another question.  To those that consider themselves to be normal would you want to be diagnosed with it?  Any self-respecting person would absolutely say “no” which makes those diagnosed with it just the same as you.  Consider the concept of the Convenient for Yourself Principle.  This principle states that it is Ok that Autism is applied to any other individual until it is applied to you.

So to those who consider themselves to be normal I will simply ask that you be humble enough to temporarily consider yourself living in their shoes and consider yourself (temporarily) to be Autistic according to the modern day interpretation of Autism.  With this in mind, let us work together to defeat Autism for good.

To begin with, let us remember that each and every single one of us has a power.  This power is called the power of the will. Thus, we are able to choose for ourselves the kind of self concept which we desire to have for ourselves. Therefore, if you don't want to have the self concept of having Autism then you simply don't have to!  This means that any one of you can defeat Autism for yourselves by simply choosing not to live that way. 

Just for your information, the transformation that it will take to think of yourself as a normal person may not come overnight.  If it does then that is great.  However, you may personally have to do a lot of mental work to transform your own thinking.  The work will be well worth it because the reward is that you will look at yourself differently and that just may influence how you interact with others.  There is also a strong possibility that your relationships with others may improve as well.

Here at Defeat Autism For Good, there is a strong belief that any individual has the ability to learn how to socialize, have stronger relationships with others, and behave differently, all through the power of the will.  However, those skill will not be elaborated on here on this website as there are plenty of resources to help individuals to learn these valuable people skills.  Additionally, that is beyond the scope of this website.

Other ways that you can defeat Autism for good is to learn everything that you can about it.  Personally, after studying it so much, it is my opinion that the history of it is convoluted.  Therefore, to me it doesn't make any sense why anybody would want to think that of themselves or anybody around them as being that way.

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